Changing for the better

So 2 years ago I was always complaining about being ill, lack of energy, not being fit enough and just generally burnt out. I was working in a spa at the time doing a mundane job and regularly went to the gym before my shifts, but if I’m honest. I had no clue what I was doing, and had no clue I was doing everything so wrong! 

Fast forward 2 years and I’ve met my current boyfriend who is based in the fitness industry and really has changed my life around for the better!

Photo opp mid run!

Before I was going to the gym 4x a week spending 45 minutes on the cross trainer and just moving over to the weights section but never challenging myself enough simply because I didn’t have the knowledge or confidence to ask someone for help. I had no clue just how important a healthy diet and getting the right balance could be. I was trying fad diets, playing around with ultra low calories and basically using sugar as my main energy source which believe me is a road to disaster! 

Now I’m not saying I’m a health and fitness expert because in reality I am far from it, but I can say just making simple changes has completely turned my life around for the better.
Firstly I aim to get at least 3 litres of water a day and only drink 1 cup of coffee (I can’t go cold turkey yet.) By doing so has completely changed my energy levels making me more bouncy in the day and in the evening having a good quality sleep. Just by drinking enough has actually made me a happier person all round and cleared my skin up a hell of a lot which is a great bonus.

Secondly I try to have everything in moderation, if I know I’ve blown it one day I don’t beat myself up, I just make sure I try that bit harder the next. I make a concious effort to keep my carb intake that bit lower on non-training days and fill up on good fats and protein. One thing I’ve learnt is to never skip breakfast and have a good balanced lunch that way mid shift you can resist the urge to open the biscuits…

Being pushed!

Lastly I try to mix my training up. I now do boot camp 2/3 times per week where each session is different. One day I’ll be flipping tyres the next I’ll be challenging myself to 100 burpees. Some days I absolutely love it, others I hate it! But it keeps me in shape and allows me to enjoy my food that bit more without the guilt.
Sometimes you feel like your not doing enough and I am that person who is constantly beating myself up for not being good enough, but challenging yourself really is the best thing to do. You will surprise yourself! 

Just 3 simple changes has changed my life around for the better. So I ask you all, what small change could you do to better yourself ? 

Mine is start that yoga class I’ve always wanted to do! What’s yours?

Chloe X


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